Overview bluesnews magazine


• Largest German-language Blues & Blues-Rock magazine

• Available at newsstands in Germany, Austria,
  Luxemburg and Switzerland

• On the market for 22 years

• More than 5,000 subscribers

Over the past 22 years we have become the largest German-language blues and blues-rock publication. Our current circulation ranges up to 16,000 copies (5.000 subscribers), with distribution in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and Belgium.

bluesnews offers in-depth interviews with international and German artists as well as features covering current topics. Extensive CD and DVD reviews, up to 120 per issue, are another focus. The editorial scope also comprises news from the blues scene, concert and festival announcements, historical features (Blues History, Milestones of Blues Recording, etc.) as well as book reviews and the presentation of instructional material (CDs, DVDs, books) for musicians.

Of course bluesnews is also present “where the action is” and reports directly from the big blues festivals and events in the U.S. and Europe. The German blues scene is also covered in depth with interviews, club presentations, festival reviews and much more. In addition, bluesnews magazine offers a heavily frequented web portal, www.bluesnews.de, featuring hundreds of concert dates (updated monthly), CD reviews as well as links to agencies, labels, musicians and many others.

It is the editorial policy of bluesnews to keep in close contact with its readers in order to obtain as many suggestions and requests as possible. Because bluesnews is not only a special interest magazine for Blues, Blues-Rock and related styles, it is also a magazine made by Blues fans for Blues fans.

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Yearly Schedule

Street date = First day of newsstand sale, mailed to subscribers 7 days before.

bluesnews 92 (Dec. 2017 – March 2018)
Street date: 08. December 2017
Deadline: 10. November 2017
Printing material: 17. November 2017

bluesnews 93 (April 2018 – June 2018)
Street date: 03. April 2018
Deadline: 02. March 2018
Printing material: 09. March 2018

bluesnews 94 (July 2018 – Sept. 2018)
Street date: 02. July 2018
Deadline: 01. June 2018
Printing material: 08. June 2018

bluesnews 95 (Oct. 2018 – Dec. 2018)
Street date: 01. October 2018
Deadline: 03. September 2018
Printing material: 07. September 2018

bluesnews 96 (Dec. 2018 – March 2019)
Street date: 10. December 2018
Deadline: 09. November 2018
Printing material: 16. November 2018